Employee Benefits and Group Retirement Services

As a Business Owner, you are responsible not only for the success of your business but also for the welfare of many people. Whether you run the business from your home, an office, factory or warehouse; from a single site or multiple sites; locally or internationally, our team of professionals will help develop a properly designed Employee Benefits and Group Retirement Service Program that will:


  • Protect your workforce from escalating health care and dental costs, disabilities and critical illnesses as well as, an untimely death.
  • Provide for their safe and secure retirement.
  • Coordinate your benefits programs in all international locations in the most cost effective manner, while ensuring that all locations are compliant with local and Federal tax requirements.
  • Help bridge an important gap if one of your Key Employees dies or becomes disabled.
  • Offer innovative ways to compensate your most valuable team members with unique services, such as rapid access to the American medical system that bypasses the waiting period we experience for many medical tests and procedures here at home.