Integrated Disability Solutions

At The Living Benefits Group, we are dedicated to finding creative solutions to the ever increasing costs associated with disabilities. With over 65 years of combined experience, specializing in the field of disability income protection, we bring a unique set of skills, knowledge and understanding to this often overlooked area of concern. Our professional consultants are constantly developing new solutions to make the delivery of the Short and Long Term Disability and Workplace Safety & Insurance Board issues more consistent, streamlined, efficient and cost effective.

Our Integrated Disability Solutions (IDS) program will provide you with:

  • Improved quality of the disability related benefits
  • Reduced and stabilized insurance costs
  • Unique controls for the employer on claims administration
  • Combine the competing forces of traditional insurance providers and non-traditional claims management companies into a cost effective and seamless delivery system
  • Consistency across all lines of disability, both occupational and non-occupational


Our emphasis on the employee’s ‘ability’ to work, rather than on how their ‘disability’ prevents them from working is at the core of our program. As a result, our corporate clients have experienced significant reductions in lost time durations and when coupled with a unique set of tools and services that we have developed, we allow an employer to more effectively insure the employee’s loss of time claim.

Each solution we develop is customized for the individual employer’s needs, while always keeping in mind the underlying corporate philosophy of our clients as the primary guiding principle.