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Business Overhead Insurance

For the past 2 weeks, just like everyone is supposed to do, I am self-isolating, but keeping myself available to all my clients when they call. I have seen the gamete of panic, fear, bewilderment and worry in them. I try constantly to understand where they are coming from and to comfort and encourage them. While the insurance programs I sell for Disability, Critical Illness and Life remain unchanged in their definitions and fully cover COVID-19, they do not cover loss of income from Business Interruptions due to the legislated limitations placed on so many businesses and individuals.

While the above is acutely concerning for my clients, we know that this situation will clear up and we will get back to work. But, what if, due to an accident or an illness that results in a disability, you are forced to leave your business/practice for a length of time. What will happen and how will your bills be paid. This is the perfect time to review Business Overhead Insurance that pays up to $15,000 per month to cover overheads such as rent, salaries, equipment rentals and leases, etc. for up to 24 months. 

To get more information you can contact me through my website at www.thelivingbenefitsgroup.com, my email at jim.corrigan@thelivingbenefitsgroup.com or simply call me at 1-866-235-1754.

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