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Professionals & Professional Corporations 

Professionals begin their careers in very different ways than most other business people. They spend years studying to acquire and perfect their skills and learn business and investment learning in more of an informal manner.  They begin their careers with heavy debt loads and have lost valuable years of saving for retirement. Investment and Risk Management becomes paramount but they are immersed in daunting work schedules that require their full attention and expertise. As a result, the new professional steals short time intervals in order to meet with advisors who provide the tax and financial planning advice for themselves and their family. Often these meetings are done with one advisor at a time, resulting in an uncoordinated and sometimes disjointed and/or conflicting overall planning.  They need a quarterback but who do they trust?

We at The Living Benefits Group believe in taking a coordinated approach to planning. When Professionals incorporates for example they do for tax planning reasons, so planning should also be done around personal insurances such as Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance and  Retirement Planning that properly makes that tax planning strategy.  This requires working with other advisors to dovetail all programs together.

Working with our Professional clients throughout Canada, we engage in a full review of the tax and financial planning process already established by their accountants and other advisors. This will ensure that the correct programs are put into place, that complement the overall planning process initiated when the professional corporation was created.

Individual Insurance

Individual insurance programs are comprised of financial and risk management elements aimed at preserving the integrity of our clients assets by providing them with the means to maintain their family's lifestyle under times of confusion and duress that will result from a disability...

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Canadian Controlled Private Corporations


Capital Markets

When working with a Business Owner we provide resources to help in such areas as financing growth, mergers and acquisitions. We also can work with you on the sale of your company or in the succession planning that you want to put in place...

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Tax and Estate Planning

At The Living Benefits Group we understand the importance of sound Tax and Estate Planning to properly meet your needs...

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning provides a roadmap to aid in securing your financial future. The Living Benefits Group will help you with risk management as well as, your needs for mortgages, short-term and long-term savings and investment plans, RSP's or Pension Plans...

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Executive Compensation Programs

Executive Compensation programs attract, motivate and retain qualified talent to lead their company and maximize long-term value.  As independent consultants, our customized program for creative solutions that enhance employee benefit...

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Buy-Sell Plus

Buy-Sell Plus is a great complement to a business buy-out agreement. It offers flexibility and choice in how to fund the purchase of a disabled owner's share of the business...

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Integrated Disability Solutions

At The Living Benefits Group, we are dedicated to finding creative solutions to the ever increasing costs associated with disabilities. With over 65 years of combined experience, specializing in the field of disability income protection, we bring a unique set of skills...

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Employee Benefits and Group Retirement Services

As a Business Owner, you are responsible not only for the success of your business but also for the welfare of many people. Whether you run the business from your home, an office, factory or warehouse; from a single site or multiple sites; locally or internationally...

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Disability Management

In providing this service to our clients, we at The Living Benefits Group firmly believe that the basic focus must be on an individual's abilities rather than on their disabilities.  With this as the guiding philosophy, our professional consultants consider all aspects of the affected individual including physical, psychological as well as, social.  This comprehensive medical approach to Disability Management has proven to be far more effective and enduring than traditional programs.

Self Employed Professionals don’t have the luxury of HR Departments and other services to provide such services as Disability Management, so when our clients in the Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa areas, as well as and throughout the rest of Ontario need help filing a claim, we are there as advocates to secure a proper outcome.

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