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Disability, Critical Illness & Life Insurance Personal Policies and COVID-19

My heart felt sympathies are going out to all who are affected by this dreadful situation that we have all found our selves in. For all those who have been infected with and/or are showing symptoms of COVID-19. For all those who have been laid off from their jobs; the companies and professional practices that have been ordered to close; the front-line doctors, nurses, medical technicians and EMT people who meet this disease head on every minute of every day.

I use to think that this had been blown way out of proportion until this morning when a close friend and colleague was telling me that his young daughter, working in Toronto and living on her own called him and his wife to say she was showing the symptoms and is very much afraid; my son was telling me that his fiancée who finished her residency in internal medicine last year, has been asked to leave her fellowship in Hematology now, to work as an internal medicine doctor. In fact, all the other doctors like her have been asked to do the same. Nurses and medical doctors and other medical professionals recently retired as well as those on maternity leave are being asked to come back to help. You are my heroes!

I have fielded numerous calls from my clients, checking to see if their Disability and Business Overhead Insurance plan will cover them and have assured them that if they do become sick due to COVID-19, they will indeed be covered just like any other disease. I have also confirmed with the insurance companies that I deal with, that there are no exclusions for this disease in any Life Insurance policies that my clients have and that if this disease results in one of the many named conditions in their Critical Illness policies, they are covered too.  You may want to check with your Broker to ensure that your coverage, through whatever carrier you are insured with assures you of the same.

This morning I went into a very empty McDonalds to get a coffee and thanked those still working there. Last night I ordered dinner for my wife and myself from one of our favourite restaurants and the UBER delivery person didn’t charge anything, but she did get a very good tip. And yes, I washed my hands as soon as I got into the office.

We are all affected, and we will come out of this. Count your blessings and help where you can. Pass on a smile, show your gratitude and virtual hugs don’t hurt either!


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