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Professional Corporations and Disability Insurance...is there a connection?

Disability insurance for professionals is definitely the most important insurance coverage they should have and over my career I have provided many professionals with properly tailored programs. Traditionally, we as insurance advisors have been taught that professionals must own their Disability Policies personally and pay for them in after tax dollars so that the benefits they receive during a disability are tax free, but is that still the best advice? Incorporated professionals are running a business and should be utilizing all of the available tax planning opportunities available to them. Having your disability insurance policy owned and paid for by your corporation is certainly one of those opportunities and can result in lower premiums and higher incomes. If you are interested in finding out if you qualify for this approach please contact me through my Website https://lnkd.in/ggMtxBt or simply email me at jim.corrigan@thelivingbenefitsgroup.com. #disabilityinsurance#insurancecoverage#disability#insurance

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