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For the last 5 years, I have been living in Hamburg, Germany.  I moved there from Canada. I followed your counsel some 30 years ago to investment my funds in SEG funds and it is still producing as forecasted.  I am comfortable in my retirement.  Next year, I will be turning 80 and life is still good.

All the best,
Dietmar Simanowski

“I would like to thank you for the professional way you handled my claim and looked out for my best interests after my accident, having helped me receive compensation in a timely manor and also dealing with follow up issues with the insurer.”

Dan Euser

"We have worked with Jim for over 20 years.  He consistently gives us useful personalized advice, brings valuable opportunities to our attention, and helps us to process applications and paperwork.  When we have made claims, Jim has supported and advocated every step of the way.  We recommend him without hesitation. We thank Jim for helping us for over two decades."

Ed and Wendy Etchells

The Living Benefits Group has been managing PMA Landscape Architects benefits package for over 20 years. Our Living Benefits Group representative Jim Corrigan keeps us informed in a timely manner of any changes to our coverage and
adjustments to our premiums. Jim has been successful in maintaining our premiums
to a cost of living or below increase.

The Living Benefits Group also manages the life insurance and key man insurance policies of PMA principals. Jim provides a personal touch in his advising of the best coverage and products the principals should consider.

The Living Benefits Group has also provided personal service and advice on RRSP and TFSA investment vehicles for all principals to consider.

The Living Benefits Group also provided support and claim assistance when dealing with injury and time away from my professional duties.

I highly recommend the Living Benefits Group as all encompassing Health/Life and Investment services professional.

James Melvin, OALA FCSLA, ASLA
Principal, PMA Landscape Architects Ltd.

I have known Mr. Jim Corrigan since 1987. He is a very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful person.

He has always advised me well, and assisted me on two occasions, when after my surgical procedures, I applied for my income replacement from my insurance.

He meets me on a regular basis, as well as upon my specific request, to adjust my insurance needs and update me on the various insurance products.

I highly recommend his services as an insurance advisor.

Dr. Lidia Bartosik

UWaterloo Arts Café Sophie Barton recognized Jim for: Career exploration, Mentoring, and Sharing best practices.

UWaterloo Arts Café Sophie Barton

Both my husband and I have always worked in ways as to never count on any support. It is for this reason that we are deeply indebted and would like to personally thank Mr. Jim Corrigan who introduced us to the RBC Life Insurance Company. It was Jim's knowledge and insight that first convinced us to invest in you program. His continual updates and advice over the years fostered a professional relationship based foremost on trust. I can say with confidence, in the handling of my case, my choice of council and disability insurance was the right one.

I have trusted Jim's advice for almost three decades, and I was never disappointed.

Dr. Lidia Bartosik

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